Our world of plastic

How to reduce the amount of plastic in everyday life

When shopping

  • Plan your shopping!
    Bring enough fabric bags with you so you don’t have to use plastic bags for fruits and vegetables, and your own containers for the sausage and cheese counter.
  • Carry your purchases home in fabric bags, baskets or backpacks.
  • At the weekly farm markets, you can buy fresh unpackaged fruits and vegetables, depending on the region and season.

When travelling

  • Do you often buy coffee to go? Then you can buy a porcelain mug or a stainless steel mug for commuting.
  • The same goes for takeaway food: if you know you’ll be buying prepared food several times a week, put your food in a reusable container and have reusable cutlery ready.
  • Water can be easily transported in plastic bottles, but bottled water actually tastes better. In addition, plastic bottles do not benefit your health or the environment. Tap water is best poured into reusable and unbreakable glass or stainless steel bottles.

When at home

  • Who needs plastic dishes at home? Of course, it is unbreakable and colorful. However, chinaware is a more sustainable alternative.
  • Children’s plastic toys look good. But, for example, toys made of wood are certainly more useful and are not thrown into the rubbish bin after a few months of play.

Recycle your plastic

Plastic and polymer wastes should be handed over for processing to specialized companies engaged in collection, purchase and waste disposal.

In large cities, plastic waste containers have been installed where you can throw away the sorted waste.

Germany, France and Italy already have nationwide collection systems that, in addition to PET, also recycle other types of plastic packaging. The collection of plastic packaging is no longer voluntary there, but regulated by law as part of the EU plastics strategy. In 2018, the EU made a commitment to integrate all plastic packaging into the circular economy by 2030. All member states must collect and recycle 55 percent of their plastic packaging.

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