How to dispose of nail polish? 7 natural nail polishes

Summer means bright colors! We wear them not only in clothes, but also on nails! Each year there come many nail polish trends that we really want to try, but at the end of the day, there’s always one thing: when nail polish is used up, or at least there’s only a small amount left of it, we want to throw it away. But how? Not by throwing it into the household waste basket!

We will show you how to get rid of nail polish easily and correctly.

Disposal of nail polish – which rubbish bin?

Nail polish, like all cosmetics, is a combination of chemical elements. Some nail polishes, even with a normal expiration date, have a negative effect on the nail.

Nail polish contains such toxic substances as:

  • toulin (impairs the function of the liver and kidneys with prolonged exposure to the body);
  • formaldehyde (its accumulation in the body disrupts the work of all organs);
  • dibutyl phthalate (negatively affects human reproductive function).

When the expiration date expires, their toxicity increases significantly. Harmful chemical compounds can completely ruin the nail plate, give it a yellowish tint and provoke allergic reactions. A bottle of polish is not that expensive, so it’s better not to risk the health of your nails and buy a new one.

Unfortunately, you can’t just simply throw away the nail polish bottle. Well you can, but it’s not environmentally friendly. Most often we are too lazy to properly dispose of nail polish and just throw the bottle into the trash or down the drain. You should NOT do either. After all, nail polish itself contains many substances, which, especially when incinerated, are absorbed by the environment and the air. And you breathe it in the air. But what’s the correct way then to dispose of nail polish?

#1 Nail polish leftovers

In most cases, you throw away your nail polish bottle when there is some nail polish left in it. To get the nail polish out of the bottle, pour some nail polish remover inside the bottle. You shake the mixture well and pour it into an airtight jar. You leave it there until you fill the jar with the rest of the nail polish. You can then easily dispose of your nail polish at a recycling center.

# 2 Nail polish bottle

After you’ve emptied the nail polish bottle with the help of the nail polish remover, you can throw the bottle away into the glass container.

#3 Nail polish brush

You clean your nail polish brush like nail polish leftovers. Just put it in a bottle filled with nail polish remover, shake until the polish is washed off the brush, and finally throw the brush into the yellow bin because the brush is made of plastic.

As you can see, getting rid of nail polish is not that difficult. Even if you’re used to throwing colorful bottles into your household waste, it’s much more environmentally friendly to follow the tips above.

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If you want to avoid the harmful substances in your nail polish, you will find several alternatives here.

Nail polishes that do not contain harmful chemicals

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